Management & Staff Training

As each new employee joins the Empire team, they receive orientation which includes an Employee Handbook, Health and Safety Information, and training.

The Employee Handbook welcomes new employees and explains Empire’s policies. The employee’s specific responsibilities are reviewed which establishes a level of communication and sets the foundation on which to build a long-term relationship.

Empire has accumulated a variety of handouts which are provided to new employees to review. Launching a Safe Start booklet is one such document. This is one way that we promote to new employees the importance and commitment of health and safety in our organization.

Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS)

All Empire employees receive both generic and site specific training for WHMIS during orientation and review as and when new products are introduced. The education program is reviewed more often if: conditions at the work place change; or new information on a hazardous product becomes available. Additional WHMIS information is reviewed onsite with the employees, in the janitorial room.

Management & Staff Training

In order to keep up with the industry, we are continuously sending a management team member to take part in training programs in all aspects of occupational health and safety, legislative changes and in turn give our staff in-house training on a regular basis in our training facility.

At Empire, we belive that it is very important to give in house and on site, hands on training by a certified trainer to qualify for and receive a certificate of completed training.


Staff members are uniformed and coached to practice proper grooming and personal hygiene. Empire supplies all employees with uniform shirts bearing a company logo, and they are responsible to purchase their own pants/slacks.

Staff Retention

We have developed a program consisting of a variety of benefits and incentives. We have program’s to motivate and reward employees for their talents, experience, hard work and technological know how. This program is ongoing and we are always looking for new opportunities. Key employees consist of Area Managers, Team Leaders, Site Supervisors, Day Matrons, Day Porters, Light Duty Cleaners, Heavy Duty Cleaners.

Joint Health & Safety Committee

Empire Facility Management has an active Joint Health and Safety Committee which meets on a monthly basis to identify workplace hazards, inspect the workplace, and to ensure Empire’s safety program and the legislative requirements are met in order to keep employees safe in a safer work environment.

First Aid Certification

Empire provides training for certification and re-certification for first aid in compliance with regulation 1101 of the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board for all Group Leaders and Area Managers.

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